The Fascinating Bonus Features of Tiki Island Slot

Tiki Island is a slot game with 20 pay lines and five reels. The player can activate an additional pay line every time they add a coin. The Pacific Island theme forms the backdrop for Tiki Island slot. A game prize of £100,000 is up for grabs if you’re lucky enough!

Tiki Island slot provides the pleasure of testing one’s luck by playing two mind-blowing bonus feature games. One is the Tiki Island Nuts where one needs to knock off coconuts filled with cash off the blocks. The other game is the Puffer Fish Bonus where one has to burst one of the three puffer fishes for cash. The level of excitement keeps rising as one takes an imaginary cruise to the exotic locale of Tiki Island.

Let’s take a look at the two bonus features that Tiki Island slot offers its players.

The Puffer Fish Bonus Feature

The Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbol is a key symbol featured in this slot. It appears only on first, second and third reels. In order to effect winning combinations, these scatter symbols can be scattered anywhere randomly on these three reels, however, the underlying condition is you need a minimum of three Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbols to appear on an active line to activate the bonus round.

The Tiki Island Logo cannot be used as a substitute for the Puffer Fish symbol and the Puffer Fish Bonus Feature game cannot be activated by the Tiki Island Logo. Following the activation of the Puffer Fish Bonus game, one can win big money by entering the sea. For every round played, the player gets to choose from three different coloured puffer fish. If the player selects a fish that has coins, then they will be showered by coins by the fish. However, one needs to note that the Puffer Fish Bonus feature ends if a puffer fish doesn’t have any coins.

The Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature

The Coconut Bonus scatter symbol is responsible for this bonus round. It appears only on the third, fourth and fifth reels. Like the Puffer Fish scatter symbol, this symbol also will activate a bonus round called the Tiki Island Nuts provided three Coconut Bonus symbols are scattered anywhere on the three reels.

The Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature screen will feature nine coconuts. To play this feature, players need to go on selecting the coconuts to reveal the hidden prizes. The coconuts will explode following their selection and reveal either Bonus Prize or Collect. If Bonus Prize is revealed, then the player is awarded a bonus amount in additional to another shot at selecting a coconut. The bonus amount that the player wins is added to a Bonus Meter.

If a coconut reveals Collect, then two credits are added to the Bonus Meter for every coconut that is intact. This also means that this bonus round comes to an end. Hence, the total on the Bonus Meter is awarded to the players. After the completion of the Tiki Island Bonus feature game, the player is returned to the regular Tiki Island slot game and the win total is updated with the Bonus Prize game wins.

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Appearance of the Wild Symbol, Tiki Island Logo can be a Game Changer!

The popular video game designer, Gamesys Group has come up with an entertaining version of slot games with Pacific island theme called Tiki Island slot. The colourful icons used and the enchanting island theme has made this game a favourite among the players in a very short time. Gamesys has created this game with five reels and 20 pay lines.

An Entertaining Slot Game

Even though the slot game is very simple to play, excitement is palpable once a player starts spinning the reels. All that a player needs to do is spin the reel and wait to see the configurations that appear once the reels come to a halt. When the configuration on the wheel matches with that of the house, it means that the player has won. Now to make the game all the more interesting and competitive, features like wild and scatter symbols have been introduced by the game designers. These symbols pop-up on the reels and help players progress to the subsequent levels of the game. More the scatter or wild symbols a player comes across, the merrier they will be as winning probability increases considerably.

Wild Cards

Game designers offer wild and scatter symbols in colourful representations befitting the theme of the game. Thus, in Tiki Island slot game, the Shield and Spears are depicted as the scatter symbol, whereas the Tiki Island Logo is represented as the wild symbol. These symbols essentially enhance the winning chance of a player while at the same time adding elegance to the video screen. Along with the regular symbols present in the slot game, these wild and scatter symbols provide the slot game a huge impetus.

Tiki Island Logo-The Wild Symbol

One of the rules to be strictly adhered to before playing the online casino game is to read the terms of play in the casino. Details like coin sizes on offer in a slot game, is very important as the size of the coin determines the winning amount. Another useful tip, players are given is to try out the free money game at first before depositing real money. Since the free money game is almost a replica of the real money game, players get a better understanding of the game as well as about the symbols like wild and scatter. Wild symbols, for example, appear in certain patterns in different slot games. Thus, by playing free games, a player can be clearer about where exactly the scatter symbols appear and what their role is.

Like in all modern slot games, the wild symbol in Tiki Island game can substitute all other symbols except the three scatter symbols of the game. By substituting the symbol, a player is able to achieve the winning configuration with ease. The other symbols that the wild symbol does not replace are the Puffer Fish Bonus and Coconut Scatter symbols.

Depending on the number of wild symbols you’re able to land on the reels, you’ll be awarded accordingly. While two wild symbols will award you 10 credits, getting five wild symbols means you’ve hit the jackpot, which means you’ve earned 10,000 credits! The value of these credits will depend on the coin size you’ve bet.

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The Idea of Anthropomorphising Slot Machines and its Impact

Casino gaming has become the most preferred pastime for many people in the world. It is due to obvious reasons like easy money making, rewards and an array of gaming options. However, the real secret behind increasing number of casino fans is the humanlike features of these slot machines. Recent studies have revealed that slot machines like Tiki Island attract more players when they possess humanlike properties. The scientists who tailor engaging machine systems like assistive robots for elder people have welcomed the result of this study with open arms. No doubt, the news has proved to be a boon for the gambling industry too!

Anthropomorphism Behaviour

Anthropomorphism is a term that refers to the behaviour of ascribing human characteristics to non-human things. All people share this tendency of anthropomorphising objects as though they have emotions, intentions and consciousness. For instance, anthropomorphising flying branches during a storm or falling rocks is a basic concept that can be beneficial. Even treating upcoming animals as though they want to kill is an example of anthropomorphising.

While talking about technology, Apple and Google come first in the mind. Even these companies have focused on inculcating humanlike features in their systems. For example, the GPS service, Google Maps makes the users more engaged with its pleasant female voice. Therefore, it is true that human beings tend to trust things that are more engaging instead of relying on some spiritless software.

A Study on Gambling

The researchers at the University of Milano-Bicocca consider anthropomorphising harmless. However, they have made it clear that it can have a negative impact in certain conditions. Sometimes players tend to communicate with the slot machines and consider them real humans. Such expressions sometimes insult and attribute feelings to the devices, which is not good. The researchers are still trying to determine whether humanising a slot machine attracts more people or not.

Until now, four studies have been conducted on the same subject. In these studies, people were exposed to both anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic slot machines. The results showed that people were more engaged with anthropomorphic machines and found them more interesting. Furthermore, the researchers acknowledged the fact that people are more inclined to fight or play with a mind and not with the machine that runs mathematically. In fact, anthropomorphising slot machines increased emotional arousal in the people, which led them to play for longer and bear higher losses.

Any Scary Implications?

With its benefits, anthropomorphising machines can have negative impact on the people too. Development of more alluring gambling slot machines can affect people and their families both psychologically and financially. Human beings with less noble intentions can use such strategy to acquire personal details of people and misuse it. For instance, weaponised robots may be successful in engaging their target and gaining their trust.

Therefore, it is significant for scientists and the gambling industry to make the slot machines interactive, but only to a limited extent. A little smartness with intelligence is necessary while tailoring such technology-driven devices.

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Different Types of Games Played at Online Casinos!

A satisfying and mind-blowing gaming experience is provided by online casinos where gaming aficionados can simply pass time and enjoy their favourite slot games like Tiki Island. They need to deposit a certain amount. However, certain precautions need to be taken while playing online casino games. A pertinent thing to know well in advance while playing these games is to always play on sites, which are worthy of trust and have been certified. If one is not aware of such sites, then a casino comparison site where services offered by different casinos can be compared. Information provided on such sites comprises of amenities like the best games, casinos accepting minimum deposits, establishments offering highest bonuses and a lot more.

Also, if you get bored of playing only slot games, you can always try your hand at many different casino games.

Types of Games Available at Online Casinos

Slot Games

These games are normally preferred by most players. These are usually the easiest of the lot and do not need any particular skill or finesse to play. One does not need to know any special gaming tactic to enjoy these games. A lucky streak is enough to win loads of cash at the end of a game.

The player has the freedom to choose a theme of their choice. Some of the popular themes to choose from are Non-Stop Party, Maverick Saloon, House of Scare, Cherry Go Round, The Legend of Unicorn, which comes laced with an element of fantasy, or the Dice Express game. If there is an iota of doubt on whether to place an initial deposit in an online casino, the good news for the player is that they can choose from tons of slot games of different kind, which can also be played free. No deposit of any kind is needed to play these games and one just needs a plain dose of luck to enjoy these games. This is one of the easiest games designed for the avid gamer and can win a lot of cash for the players if they play in the real version.


This is also a very popular game among gaming fanatics and is also known as Wheel of Fortune. It does not require high level of playing skills to enjoy this game and it is stated in gambling parlance that this game tests hardly 30% of your playing skills and 70% of the format is based on pure luck.

The best part of testing your luck on this game is that one can play it with a meagre budget and win a large amount alongside someone who has placed an extravagant bet and wants to win a big jackpot. It makes for a pleasant gaming pastime and facilitates the winning of big amounts. It can be a source of pleasure for every person who wants to enjoy online casino games.

Poker, blackjack, baccarat and craps are other popular casino games that can be played at online casinos. However, slot games have proved to be quite popular since time immemorial.

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