The Real Value of Free Online Slot Games!

The temptation to spend time at online casinos and play games like Tiki Island is becoming irresistible to everyone these days. It arises basically due to the availability of a large number of exciting casino games on the net. One look at a game like Tiki Island slot instantly draws you towards the game. Easy access to these online sites could be another factor for large number of individuals to take up online casino games now.

Real ValueA Deterrent to Online Casinos

If there is one deterrent that holds back many from signing up at online casinos is the cost factor. A player is required to deposit some casino money before they can start playing at an online casino. As long as the money in hand is available to place wagers, a player can continue playing the casino game. And once the money assigned for the purpose is over, the player has to stop their casino activity. Moreover, there also exists the peril of losing the hard earned money at the casino.

Free Options to Play Online Slot Games

Now almost every online casino offers players free online games. To play these free online games, players are not required to make any kind of casino deposits. That’s the real value of these games! And most importantly, the players do not lose any of their hard earned money while playing free games. The option of free games available has increased footfalls at the casinos now. More and more first time players are trying out these free games at the online casinos.

Why Free Slot Games?

Online casinos have introduced the concept of free games to promote them among new players. The free games are trial games, which any player can play for an unrestricted period of time. By playing these trial games, players are now easily able to understand the facets of Tiki Island game, without having to pay any extra money. The players get firsthand experiences of different issues and concepts like wild and scatter symbols used in Tiki Island slots, while playing free games. After enjoying these free games and learning all about the game, players can play the real money game by depositing casino money.

More Freebies from Free Games

A great response for such free games from the customers has prompted casinos to introduce additional features to the trial games. Players who sign up to play free money games are now offered various incentives and bonuses. When players switch over to real money games, these bonuses are credited in to the player’s account. Thus, in addition to enjoying and getting acquainted with the free games, a player is now able to carry forward the useful credits when they play the real money games.

Free Games Software

Almost all casinos employ the same software for both, real money games and free games, thereby, giving the players a real feel of playing casino games. And since the players are able to enjoy the game without any restriction of time, free games offer a chance of risk free entertainment to the players.

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Play Fruit Machines Online with Bonus Rounds and Double the Slot Machine Fun!

One of the best things about playing fruit machines online (and there are many advantages of playing slots online vis-à-vis land based casinos) is that you can play a whole lot of bonus rounds as part of the game. The latest slot games are a great deal of fun to play because they are extremely sophisticated with high tech graphics and matching sound effects, and they offer you many ways to win money. What’s more is that, they have very large jackpots. In fact, progressive slots even have jackpots that can climb to millions of pounds. Games such as Tiki Island slot have a devoted fan following among regular slot players because their bonus features rounds ensure that the games are always entertaining.

Double the FunNo matter how much you like to play slot games, you’ll have to admit that these games can get a bit monotonous because all you have to do is wager an amount and hit spin. Bonus rounds enable you to enjoy these games much more since they help pick up the pace of the game and provide you plenty of diversion. As a matter of fact, once you start playing games with bonus rounds, then you will always look forward to these special games.

If you were to take the example of Tiki Island slot, then you’ll see that this game has two separate bonus feature rounds that are triggered when certain symbols appear on the screen in the required number and configuration. These games are a detour from the original slot game and you will be directed to another screen where the real action takes place. The bonus games give you various goodies such as win multipliers or outright cash. Either ways, you will be really happy to get into these bonus games and will only play games that feature them.

Online fruit machines that have bonus rounds are extremely popular with slot players from the United Kingdom. Ladbrokes casino is a very good example of an online casino where the UK based gamblers can try their luck at playing all sorts of games. In fact, the casino has more than 40 different fruit machines you could play on. It also has a fantastic sign up bonus that will let you play for much more than you have paid for! Paddy Power is also an excellent site to gamble on. If you are interested in playing slots often, then there are many more sites to keep you busy.

In case you are not sure about which website has the best fruit machines with bonus rounds, then you need to do a bit of research. Many sites let you check out games for free. You can use this feature to make a list of games that you’d like to gamble on. You could also read reviews about different slot games in order to make a good selection. You’ll have a fantastic time playing Tiki Island and other slots, thanks to their bonus rounds and you’ll also win quite a bit of money if you play long enough.

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Busting Common Myths About Loose Slot Machines!

Gamblers visit casinos with hopes of making it big and having a great deal of fun. The banks of slot machines look very exciting indeed, especially since they give out very satisfactory wins. Regular slots players dream about playing on a ‘loose’ slot machine, which will give them a fantastic win. After all, a slot machine like Tiki Island is programmed to give out wins by the manufacturer of the game and it figures that some machines are better than others to play on. For instance, the same Tiki Island slot will have a better return at a Las Vegas casino than at an Atlantic City casino where the payback percentage is set slightly lower.

Busting Common MythsThere are quite a few myths concerning loose slot machines and it’s a good idea to understand the reasoning behind these myths to get a better understanding of this business.

  • Loose slot machines tend to be located near the entrance of the casino. This is to ensure that people walking into the casino will see others winning money and feel enthused about their chances.
  • Slot games located near table games tend to be very tight. If they are loose, then the gamblers at the table will get distracted by them. In any case, these slot machines get a lot of play since gamblers give them a try as they make their way to the cashier after playing at the tables.
  • Loose slot machines are generally given a perimeter of tight machines. The logic behind this notion is that people tend to play two or more slot machines at the same time. Therefore, even if a person wins on a loose machine, they will lose on the nearby tight machine, and the casino will eventually benefit!
  • There are loose machines at the head of each row. These machines tend to see a lot of play and they attract players to move onto machines down the row.
  • The slot machines placed near the restaurant buffet and the entertainment areas tend to be tighter than others. The people waiting here are a captive audience and they will anyway play on these games in order to kill some time.
  • Loose machines are placed near the cashier’s cage because this is where groups of people are bound to be waiting in line. This is a great advertisement for the casino’s games and it gets people to try them out.
  • Slot machines placed in a round layout tend to be looser than ones placed in rows because they have high visibility from all directions.

You do have to keep in mind that these are all myths about the placement of slot machines, and they are not necessarily true. For instance, why would a casino executive place loose or tight machines in a location where people are expecting to find them? Slot games such as Tiki Island are a great deal of fun and if you go to a casino just to have a good time, and perhaps win some money, then your money will be well spent!

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Play Slot Games like Tiki Island to Win Good Money!

If you are a long-time fan of slot games like Tiki Island, then you would have noticed how they have changed so much over the years. In fact, the present day video slot games are far more exciting than the ‘one armed bandits’ of the past, thanks to their fabulous themes and high tech software. There are even 3D slots that can grab your attention and provide you with a truly exhilarating experience. Slot games these days come in many interesting themes and you can easily find one to suit your tastes. Take Tiki Island slot, for instance. It is a bright and exciting game that is themed around a South Pacific island, and you will enjoy its visuals and sound effects very much.

Win Good MoneyAnother major difference between the current day slots and the old fashioned ones is the amount of money you could potentially earn. Slot gamers have always been popular on account of their simplicity and the relative ease with which players can win money on them. However, modern day slot games give out far better wins than before. Not only are the jackpots bigger, but the frequency of wins is also greater. There are quite a few reasons for this.

Online progressive jackpots tend to become really big in a relatively short time since large numbers of games are linked together to contribute to their big prize. Since many people play these games, the jackpot amount climbs very fast until it becomes extremely tempting. Online slot games also have multiple pay lines which mean that they give many options for wins, albeit smaller ones. Tiki Island slot, for instance has 20 pay lines, and it also has two bonus feature games; even if you don’t win the main jackpot you can get quite a bit of your wagered money back!

Another fabulous feature about online slot games is that they have plenty of tournaments where you can win really good prizes for relatively small wagers. These tournaments tend to have very good promotional offers and bonuses and you’ll find them very hard to resist. These slot tournaments are also a great deal of fun because you’ll have to play really quick. In fact, they are extremely exhilarating to be part of!

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons to play slots online instead of at a land-based casino. Of course, you could definitely enjoy yourself tremendously in a land based casino too because of the glamour and the buzz of excitement there, but it is just so convenient to play online that you will have a great time here. Be sure to choose an online casino that features a very wide range of games, which offers you a safe and reliable gaming experience.

You should also be very careful to gamble very responsibly or else you might end up spending more money than you win. You will enjoy gambling as long as you keep things within limits and can get your wallet to last for a long time!

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