Busting Common Myths About Loose Slot Machines!

Gamblers visit casinos with hopes of making it big and having a great deal of fun. The banks of slot machines look very exciting indeed, especially since they give out very satisfactory wins. Regular slots players dream about playing on a ‘loose’ slot machine, which will give them a fantastic win. After all, a slot machine like Tiki Island is programmed to give out wins by the manufacturer of the game and it figures that some machines are better than others to play on. For instance, the same Tiki Island slot will have a better return at a Las Vegas casino than at an Atlantic City casino where the payback percentage is set slightly lower.

Busting Common MythsThere are quite a few myths concerning loose slot machines and it’s a good idea to understand the reasoning behind these myths to get a better understanding of this business.

  • Loose slot machines tend to be located near the entrance of the casino. This is to ensure that people walking into the casino will see others winning money and feel enthused about their chances.
  • Slot games located near table games tend to be very tight. If they are loose, then the gamblers at the table will get distracted by them. In any case, these slot machines get a lot of play since gamblers give them a try as they make their way to the cashier after playing at the tables.
  • Loose slot machines are generally given a perimeter of tight machines. The logic behind this notion is that people tend to play two or more slot machines at the same time. Therefore, even if a person wins on a loose machine, they will lose on the nearby tight machine, and the casino will eventually benefit!
  • There are loose machines at the head of each row. These machines tend to see a lot of play and they attract players to move onto machines down the row.
  • The slot machines placed near the restaurant buffet and the entertainment areas tend to be tighter than others. The people waiting here are a captive audience and they will anyway play on these games in order to kill some time.
  • Loose machines are placed near the cashier’s cage because this is where groups of people are bound to be waiting in line. This is a great advertisement for the casino’s games and it gets people to try them out.
  • Slot machines placed in a round layout tend to be looser than ones placed in rows because they have high visibility from all directions.

You do have to keep in mind that these are all myths about the placement of slot machines, and they are not necessarily true. For instance, why would a casino executive place loose or tight machines in a location where people are expecting to find them? Slot games such as Tiki Island are a great deal of fun and if you go to a casino just to have a good time, and perhaps win some money, then your money will be well spent!


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