Types of Online Slot Machines

The world of online gaming is very vast and large. There are numerous slot machines with different themes and reward systems. These slot machines like Tiki Island can be divided into three categories-reel slots, video slots and progressive slots. While some characteristics may be similar, they are quite different from each other. Thus, it becomes imperative for the player to pay attention to the rules and conditions associated with all three of them separately. You have to be familiar with all the features. Make sure you understand what pay lines, maximum bets, bonus features and similar things are. It should be noted that all slot games have different rules, so do not go under the pretext that they are all the same.

The Main Objective of the Online Slots Games

For the layman, slot machines have reels that the player has to spin. Once you do that, the reels will stop at random. The pay line can be horizontal, and in some cases can be diagonal and zig-zag as well. Now, if the symbols on all the three reels are the same, then you win, if not; you lose and try again.

For example, Tiki Island slot game has impressive payouts. If you want to know a great slot machine to play on, then Tiki Island is highly recommended. The amount depends on the symbol that has appeared on the screen of the slot machine and the coin size.

How to Play Online Reel Slots?

Most of you may have heard of the mechanical slot machines. Well, the reel slots are quite similar to those. They are considered to be the most basic of all the slot games available online. The game has three reels and pay lines between one and five. The player will have to choose the coin size and the number of coins to be wagered. The next and the last step is to spin the reels. The online slot machine lets the reels spin for a certain number of times and then stops automatically. You win if you get three symbols that are similar in nature on the slot machine.

How to Play Online Video Slots?

Considered as the most complex of all slot games, video slots are available in five reels and as many as up to 1,000 pay lines. You will have to choose a coin size, next choose the number of coins, you will have to enable the pay lines that you want to play with and then click the spin button. The ultimate decision of winning and losing depends on the symbols on each pay line and the formation they take. It is advisable to read the rules before starting to play on online video slot. Tiki Island video slot is also a fun option for playing online video slots.

How to Play Online Progressive Slots?

Progressive slot games offer attractive payouts. They usually have about three to five reels, and the jackpot amount increases gradually. In some slot machines such as Tiki Island, you have to bet max to be eligible for the jackpot and win it eventually!


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