What are Server Based Slot Games?

After carefully examining 20 slot machines, the Nevada Gaming Regulators have approved the International Game Technology’s (IGT’s) game machines that are operated out of a specified server in April 2007. They are also referred to as the downloadable slots. This meant a huge leap forward for the online gaming industry.

Server Based Slot MachinesThis kind of technology was demonstrated in the Global Gaming Expo, which is an annual show for the players in the gambling industry. This announcement by the Nevada board implies that all the server based slot machines can be found in the casino. Some reports also stated that the decision would come into effect around 2009.

Companies such as Bally and WMS had been infusing a lot of money in the development and research of this kind of technology. They have been relentlessly doing research on the same and want to make this machine a reality as it can solve many problems.

How Server Based Slot Games Work?

It might sound very scientific, but server based slot games have a very simple way of functioning. There is a central computer system that is put into place. All the games are connected to that server. There are several slot cabinets and you can download many different slot games on to it. Managers who look after the slot games will be able to modify its features. They have the power to change its bonus payouts, games, promotions and denominations. One of the main reasons why the servers are faster and more reliable is that you do not need a person to keep a check on it 24×7.

A Myth Remains a Myth!

Many players believe a lot of myths and misconceptions around the slot machines. One of the most popular one is that the casino manager will make the slot machine tight during the weekends and make it loose during the week. Hence, when this new system comes into place, this misconception can be cleared up. All the machines will be server based and no individual will have the power to control any of them.

A Slow Transition 

While many gaming professionals and analysts have pondered over the subject and have come to the conclusion that the majority of players do not care much about this factor, this is an improvement in the gaming world. Online slot machines such as Tiki Island offer amazing payouts, hence, it largely receives a positive response.

Another study by Goldman Sachs came to a conclusion that casino managers only want a quarter of such machines to be installed in their premises and not more than that. This is one side of the coin. The second aspect of the coin is with the players and how they respond to this development. In most cases, the decision has been appreciated and received positively, and in some cases the players have not shown much interest. But nowhere can it be concluded that it’s not a good decision to implement. It will help in clearing out some myths and misconceptions that people have come to believe regarding slot machines.


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